Bobby Hasbrook

Bobby is 26 years old, born in Laguna Beach, and grew up in San Clemente. His dad taught him how to surf at 2 years old, and he surfed in his first contest by the time he was 6. Bobby rides anything from beater boards, fishes, shortboards, mid-lengths, high-performance longboards, noseriders, and the occasional flat screen TV (yes he built and surfed a flat screen TV). He likes long walks on the beach, craft beer, and discussing ontology. Bobby bases his life around surfing, music, and family.

Favorite surf spots: Sano, Lowers, Riviera, South Side Seal Beach Pier, Sandspit, Malibu, Swamis, or anywhere else an epic wave is breaking.

Favorite maneuver: Tail 360

Wave types: Everything from dredging barrels to perfect noseriding waves.

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite music: Classic and alt-rock, electronic, country, punk rock, gypsy jazz


  • Internet Marketing Specialist for Law Firm in Newport Beach,
  • Professional creative designer
  • Write, record, & play music

School: Majoring in Business Communications & Marketing

Hero: Dad