Keegan Edward

Keegan Edward lives on Oahu Hawaii . He started surfing at Queens in Waikiki at age 5. He has been longboarding his whole life. It is his passion and lifelong dream to one day be the World Champion of longboarding. Over the years he has been all over the world competing at the highest level of the sport. His best result was 5th in the world on three occasions. His last result on the ASP world Championships was 9th place. He is also the ASP Hawaii overall Champion for 2013. He believes that he can stay at the top of his sport for many years to come.

Living on the island of Oahu has given him some great opportunities to push his sport to a new level. One of these is surfing the world famous North Shore. When people think of longboarding they think of hanging ten on an old heavy board surfing on a wave slow and smooth. The new generation of longboarding includes the traditional aspects such as hanging ten with a smooth style and then adding new school methods of surfing such as riding the barrel and doing big turns. This is what he does. He is one of only a hand full of people in the world that surfs Pipeline and Backdoor regularly on a longboard. This makes him a standout from other longboarders in the industry. He is currently doing a lot of business in Japan, Hawaii and California with my clothing sponsor Threedice as well as working on Boards in Hawaii and California with my sponsor Stewart Surfboards. Bill Stewart makes the BEST LONGBOARDS in the industry according to Keegan. He goes to Japan three to four times a year and is consistently making the podium in every pro contest I enter in Japan, California and Hawaii. He is also advertised in magazine ads, videos, live webcasts of Asp contests and mainstream media such as travel books for Hawaii. These demographics include California, France, Australia,Hawaii and Japan media.

Surfing and the ocean are his life. He wants to share this one of kind lifestyle with people from all over the world and spread ALOHA wherever he goes.
Come join the ride with Keegan Edwards!!!

Favorite board: Stewart CMP and The Stewart 808
Favorite spot: Backdoor/pipeline
Favorite band: Tupac
Favorite food: Hawaiian food
Best memory: my first big barrel at Backdoor!!
If you weren’t a pro surfer what would you want to be: I’d work on Wallstreet:)

Hero or person you look up to: Mom and Dad Gerry Lopez pipeline general!Favorite board: CMP and The 808