Redline 11


The ultimate 9’0 surfboard! Turns like an 8’6,” Paddles like a 9’6.” Noserides like a 10’0.”  Bill says this is the best longboard he’s ever designed.The nose has a single concave beginning at the nose and continues on past the half way point. This concave is what makes the Redline paddle, turn and noseride better than ever. That single concave flows into a double concave with a heavy V in the tail. The beveled rails and  round pin tail make it loose, fast and easy to ride.

All Redline 11s are 9’0″ in length. To compensate for the length, we adjust the width and thickness.  For example, if you are an intermediate level surfer that’s 6’6″ tall and weigh 240 pounds, we recommend that you get a Redline that’s 25″ wide and 3 1/2″ thick. Check out our size chart below to find your size!

Give us a call – 1.800.265.8882, 9-6 PST, or visit us in sunny San Clemente. We will dial you in on the perfect length and thickness you need, based on your height, weight & experience. Check out our sizing chart below and then browse our Live Inventory to see what Redline 11s we have in stock.


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