Brand new for 2015 the Best Stewart Noseriding Longboard ever!.

Tested by Team riders Tony Silvagni and Steve Newton, which have already won 5 contests since September on this thing, and it has free surfed its way in style all the way up the East & West coasts. Bill Stewart claims it is “Beyond Clean, Beyond Classic.”

The nose concave creates lift and holds you in the pocket. The bottom is flat for insane trim speed, to carry you through the flats. The huge square has rocker you won’t believe till you see! This board has more tail lift that turns easy and sets you up for endless Nose rides!!!

Use a 9 inch + center fin for holding you in while you sped all the time on the nose!

Give us a call or visit us in sunny San Clemente California & we can dial you in on a length & thickness you need, based on our experience enjoying this perfect nose rider 1.800.265.8882        9-5PST & check out what we have in stock.


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Check out the video below of Team Rider Steven Mclean @ Lowers on his 9’4″ Tipster


Check out the video below with Veteran Stewart Salesman, and Pro Team Manager Brandon Bunting explain what makes the Tipster so good.




The Tipster Longboard

Team Rider Steve Newton Showing us what The Tipster can do.


Hand numbered, no two alike, Tipster Fins.

Hand numbered, no two alike, Tipster Fins.


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  1. john says:

    hi , can you get hold of the tipster model in the UK.Is any one importing them ,or can I buy direct from you guys, hope to here from you soon JOHN.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Very interested in the Tipster to replace my compromise of a board (NSP 9-6)
    I would place my order vis Steve O’hara at Pioneers North Hampton,NH.

    I was well advised by steve on the board’s spec: but here is a few question I have.
    1- does the Tipster comes with a closed cells foam core?
    2- I am 195lb, 5′-9” + wetsuit with good lonagboard skills ( hang 5 on the NSP lock in)…I though I need a 10ft board…Recommandation? On bigger days I have a performance LB already.
    3- All my glass boards are pretty beatten in the mid section at the rail from my knee and foor when I get up. I like the reinforcement on the tipster, but is it enough….
    4- are the Stewarts art available for the Tipster or only the monochrome colors?

    Thank you

  3. barry kruse says:

    what are the dimensions of the tipster? I’m interested in a 10 footer.

  4. Lilly says:

    Hi, I received a sky blue / green Tipster on ur website for my birthday 8/20/15 and cracked the tip and scratched the fin, wondering if I can bring it in to the store in San Clemente were I got it and get it repaired?

  5. Lilly says:

    Hi I’m wondering if your store sells surf board bags ? If not can you recommend someone that does ? I need a bag to fit my 9.7 ft tipster ?

  6. Ofer says:

    Got one today at Long beach surf shop NY
    Size 9’3″ I am stoked, so good on the nose and clean smooth ride. love it.

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