Shop of the Week Seals Watersports Santa Rosa California

by ATOM / 10 December 2014 / No Comments

Shop of the Week

Stewart Surfboards would like to give a shout out to SEALS WATERSPORTS in Santa Rosa California for being an exclusive dealer of Stewart Surfboards. Owners Jeanette & Scott Taylor are the real deal when it comes to water sports and passionate fans of the Stewart Surfboards. Check out their story below and check out their shop next time you are up their way!


Scott’s story:

“I grew up in Alexander Valley near the Russian River, and worked the summers during high school for W.C. “Bob” Trowbridge Canoe Trips. I began SCUBA diving in 1969, and have been a water dog ever since.

“In 1986 I attended PADI International College and became a SCUBA Instructor. My first teaching position took me to Maui, HI where I spent several years certifying people to dive and crewing on dive boats. After managing a couple of dive shops, one of which made the cover of PADI’s Undersea Journal magazine, I helped develop and operate the company known as Island Scuba. But my real business expertise comes from working as a sales rep in the wholesale small appliance industry, where I won awards for innovative monthly sales programs. All of which I believe will help us offer our customers an exceptional service.

 “For 22 years I worked at the Pinnacles Dive Center, where I met my wife Jeanette (when she came in to get Certified). Her son Zeke, is a local surfer, whom we have hired as our new Surf Manager. My son Matt, is a diver and business banker, and will be hosting some of our dive trips.

 “So we bought the business…thanks for your support!”

They got their start September 2nd of this year when his wife Jeanette and he purchased one of two Pinnacles Dive Center stores, that have been around for 40 years. He had worked at the Santa Rosa, CA location for 22 years. For all of their years, they were just a dive shop. Over the years their customer demographic has greatly changed, but not the shop…so they bought the shop and did it themselves…”with Zeke’s help” Scott remarks. They tore out 40 year old carpet and did a ton of much needed renovations. They now offer no less in diving, but a whole bunch more in other water sports and a great new surf department. They are super stoked, and new stuff has been coming in daily including Stewart Redline 11s…and things are on sale!