Congrats To Our Team Riders

by ATOM / 22 September 2014 / No Comments

       It has been a busy season for us at Stewarts, and our team riders are no exception. Stewart Surfboards would like to acknowledge a few top performances over the past months.

First off, new team rider Keegan Edwards won the team challenge at the ASP Dukes Fest in Hawaii. His Stewart CMP was working insane!!  He got three 9’s during the competition rounds of surfing.  Sounds like the sponsorship with Bill Stewart at Stewart Surfboards is a perfect match!!

Keegan Noseride 1170


   Tony Silvagni still riding high from his last win at the 52nd Annual East Coast Surfing Championships in Virginia Beach, Virginia back in August, cruised into New Jersey for the One-Star ASP Belmar Pro. It was a special weekend for Tony, who took fist place, over a really good competing field. Tony chose a more traditional approach, riding a custom Bill Stewart Single fin, along with a new single fin model we are set to release at the end of September called the Tipster. As always Tony was all smiles all the way to the top of the podium. (check out more on Tony’s Blog)


    So as Tony coasted to victory on the East Coast, Newport’s own, and Stewart Surfboards California son, Steve Newton, did his thing in the C Street Classic, in Ventura. Steve who also went with a traditional single fin approach, came out victorious, nose riding, and carving his way to first. Steve was riding a Bill Stewart, triple stringer, hand shape single fin during competition. Steve has been combining traditional shapes with progressive surfing which has no doubt been leading to his success. We should note that Steve has been test piloting the Tipster as well, just tearing shreds through line-ups from Newport to PB. Keep an eye out for that new model at the end of this month.


Congrats to all of our riders success, and lets all be sending them positive vibes as all three gear up for the Taiwan Open of Surfing, Nov 12-16th in Jinzun Harbor, Taitung County, Taiwan, Taiwan. Head to ASP site for more info.