What do the beveled rails do?

Bill invented the beveled rail over 30 years ago. Bevels lift the rails and make them really forgiving. Harder edges release water without digging the rail and that creates insane rail to rail speed.

What size fins do you ride with a Redline 11?

We recommend  a 2 + 1 fin setup for this particular model. 2 composite side bites and a 6.5 inch custom Stewart fin for the center box. Side bites come in either black or white, and the center fin comes in red, light blue, navy blue, and black.

What does the concave on the Redline 11 do?

The long single concave perfectly blended into doubles. This makes the board paddle big, yet ride small and turn on a dime.

What is Poly foam?

Polyurethane foam is standard for most surfboard manufacturers. In the late 50’s, surfboards progressed from balsa wood to polyurethane foam because it was easier to shape and was more consistent in production. The foam tends to be a little heavier than its counterpart EPS/Epoxy. Poly boards also tend to sit a little bit deeper in the water. The extra weight of a poly board can aid you with paddling and getting into waves. Lastly, polyurethane boards handle better in choppy/windy conditions.

What is EPS foam?

Surfboard specific Expanded Polystyrene Foam is made of highly fuzed styrofoam beads. This foam is specifically manufactured for surfboard cores. EPS/Epoxy surfboards have been manufactured since the early 70’s, but weren’t frequently pursued until 2005 when Clark Foam closed its doors. Epoxy boards are lighter and a bit more maneuverable in the water. EPS foam is more buoyant than Poly so you’ll sit higher up in the water. The buoyancy helps the board generate speed, which allows for good small wave performance.

What is the best fin setup for the (949)?

The (949) is our performance mid-length that works excellent with the Futures Vector Scimitar 2 Fins. The Scimitar quad set is recommended for this model with a 3.25 inch trailer center fin for any board 7’2″ and above. For boards 7’0″ and under, the Futures TT-1-325 center fin is recommended.

What are the best colors for Epoxy boards?

Stay away from dark colors. They tend to show the weave of the fiberglass and get extremely hot. Best bet is to stick with light colors and colors that won’t blend together.

What are the benefits of a pin tail?

The tail outline increases the hip curve which allows for tighter turns. It also helps turn farther forward.

What is the 2 + 1 fin setup?

Another Bill Stewart invention. The 2 side bite fin placements are 16″ up from the tail to prevent the board from spinning out of a forward drive. This allows for a smaller center fin which has less drag.

What is the Funline 11?

The Funline 11 Is a scaled down version of our most popular model, the Redline 11. With a wide nose & narrow tail, this board is the ultimate mush killer for surfers of all skill levels. Sizes range from 7’0″ to 8’6″.

What is the Funboard Comp?

Everything you’re looking for in a funboard, with a high-performance edge. It has more rocker in the nose, single to double concave Hydro Hull bottom, and a narrower tail. Versatile in all conditions, this is your perfect travel board.

What are the shipping costs to Dealers vs. Residence?

We have a dealer list on our Home page on our website labeled “dealers” where you can order boards through a dealer near you which is going to save you roughly $100 in shipping. Another benefit of going through a dealer is the staff can receive the product and inspect the merchandise upon arrival.

Residential shipping costs more, but is more convenient as it’s shipped to your residence. The prices will vary depending on the distance of the shipment. (Gas, hours, etc.)