Soleil Errico

Soleil Errico killing it!

Posted by Stewart Surfboards on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Soleil Errico: pronounced ‘so-lay  air-i-coh’ 


Birthdate: December 20, 2000 / 16 years old


Full-Time Community/Residence: Malibu


Part-Time Seasonal Residence: Kauai


Your Occupation(s), give details, other than Pro Surfer:   Student/Athlete


Current Schooling – High School / College:   Malibu High School, Sophomore


Total Number of Years Pro Competitive Longboard Surfing: 2 years


Affiliation with a (coalition) Surf Club: Malibu Boardriders Club, Malibu, California


Surfing Sponsors (surfboard, clothing, wetsuits, fins, etc.): Stewart Surfboards, Janga Wetsuits


Surfing Titles:

USA Surfing 2017 Women’s Longboard National Champion

USA Surfing 2016 Women’s Longboard National Champion

USA Longboard Pro 2016 National Champion

WSA 2016 + 2017 Women’s Longboard U18 California State Champion

WSA 2016 + 2017 Women’s Longboard California State Champion

MSA 2016 Junior Women’s Champion

Malibu “Call to the Wall” 2016 Junior Women’s Champion

Oceanside Longboard Festival 2015 + 2016 Junior Women’s Champion

DLSA Gathering of the Tribes 2017 Junior Women’s Champion   

MexiLog Fest Pro 2016 Champion

Miss Malibu Pro 2015 Champion


Your Personal Home Surf Break: First Point Malibu


Your Favorite International Surf Spot: Hanalei Bay, Kauai + First Point Noosa