Steven Newton

Steven is a 28 year old competitive surfer from San Clemente, Ca. He began his journey into surfing at age 11, and has been a Stewart Team Rider since age 17. After 11 years on the team Steve has been a stand out in national and international contests. His innovative aggressive curves and lay backs, mixed with effortless
nose-rides symbolize his style. Over the past several years, this Stewart Rider has traveled, surfed, and competed in Portugal, Spain, France, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, Bali, Subwana, South Africa, Taiwan, Hawaii, and Mexico. Though he is a worldwide versed traveler you will most often see him ripping his favorite spots between San Onofre & Newport, here in Southern Orange, County. Last year, he was fortunate enough to surf the most exclusive wave on the planet, The Qiantang tide bore in Hangzhou, China. Event was put on by Redbull and Wabsono. With 8 surfers total, he surfed a tidal wave (happens once a year, due to the fall equinox) this wave goes for 3 plus hours down river. Check out the video below, and check back with the Stewart web site frequently as Steven is known to produce exciting self produced webisodes of his long boarding adventure here and abroad.

Competitive accolades

2017 “Gathering of the Tribes” event, Church Beach, San Onofre – 1st Place

2014 Tourmaline Challenge 1st Place
<2014 Dale Velzy Classic 1st Place 2014 C Street Classic 1st Place 2014 4th Place Steel Pier Classic Pro 2014 5th Place Guy Takayama Pro Noseride 2013 - 13th World Ranking ASP World Longboard Tour - Hainan Island China 2013 - 3rd Place Redbull Qiantang Shoot out - Hangzhou China <2013 - 1st Place Gathering of the Tribes - Trestles 2012 - 2nd Place Fosters ASP Belmar Pro - New Jersey 2012 - 4th Place VANS PRO - ECSC - Virginia Beach 2012 - 25th World Ranking ASP World Longboard Tour - Hainan Island China 2009 - ISA World Surfing Games - Gold Medal, Team USA.Favorite board: CMP, Redline (MOD w/out bevel) and S Winger Shortboard

Favorite spot: San Onofre
Favorite band: Perseus
Favorite food: Tacos y margaritas
Best memory on a stewart: Surfing the “Silver Dragon” (Tidal wave down the Qiantang river in Hangzhou China). Most exclusive wave on the planet. Riding a wave for 3 hours down the river.
If you weren’t a pro surfer what would you want to be: Haha, I’m also an Engineer. Surfing doesn’t pay the bills.
Hero or person you look up to: Mom and Dad.
Funny fact about your self: I take lotsa selfies.