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A High Speed, Performance Five Fin Fun Board. Low nose entry rocker for paddle power. A monstrous deep vee concave bottom which makes the board ride much smaller rail to rail. Designed to be surfed with Future Vector 2 Quad Scimitar fins and a center box trailer fin – provided solid bite and insane drive. A great board for all conditions, from punchy beach breaks to playful point breaks. You are going to want to have this board in your quiver!


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Stock Dimensions

5'620"2 3/4"27.1
6'020"2 1/2"32.1
6'221"2 3/4"37.9
6'621"2 3/4"40
7'022"2 3/4"45.1
7'222"2 3/4"46.2
7'622 1/2"2 7/8"52.4


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