The Regal: 90% Classic, 10% Hot Rodded. The T-band stringered Regal provides a smooth traditional feel with softer rails and extra tail rocker. The last 20″ of the tail rail drop to a tucked edge for more bite on hard turns. The single fin Regal may look and ride like a classic longboard, but will perform more like a modern longboard when you need it. The Regal comes equipped with a fiberglass center fin.


Available only as a Custom Order 


regal model top


regal model bottom


Stock Dimensions

9'0"22 1/2"3"
9'2"22 3/4"3 1/8"
9'4"23"3 1/4"
9'6"23 1/8"3 1/4"
9'8"23 1/4"3 1/4"
9'10"23 1/3"3 3/8"
10'0"23 1/2"3 3/8"


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