Bill Stewart Lends a Hand

by Ashley Leines / 19 July 2017 / No Comments

“This is me and my friend Bill Stewart (artist/shaper/founder and owner of Stewart Surfboards). I first met Bill when I was in his shop one day, and he asked me how I lost my fingers. I told him I was wounded in Iraq, so we started talking. Among other things Bill is a highly creative inventor, and he told me that he just knew that their was something that would increase my surf paddling ability, so he traced an outline of his hand. Two days later Bill called me and said that he had made me an aluminum hand-shaped plate that would fit inside of an H2O Web Glove, so I met him at his shop and he showed me what he had made, I couldn’t wait to try it. When I got in the water and started paddling out I immediately noticed the difference, I was motoring through the water.
I’ve been surfing for 11 years (and catching plenty of waves) since my injury in 2005, but this glove has increased my paddling ability by at least 20%, which equates to catching more waves, I can’t imagine surfing without it!
I absolutely love surfing and by Bill performing this act of kindness (he’s a very busy man) the quality of my life has been greatly enhanced. Thank you again Bill, and I hope that someday I can do something for somebody half as cool as what you’ve done for me.”

-Kevin Moussavisaeedi